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Screen Printing

This is the most common method of putting your design on a t-shirt. We make a physical screen for each color in your design, put them in a printing press, and print each color on clothing to create the finished design. Many companies will get a small logo on one side of the chest and a large logo on the back. 

Costs involved with screen printing are listed below.


Large screens (over a 6"x6" design) - $30.00 each if keeping for future use/ $20 each if temporary (one-time use).

Small screens (under a 6"x6" design) - $25.00 each if keeping for future use/ $20 each if temporary (one-time use).


•Price for printing your logo on shirts is quoted at the time you place your order. We sell shirts with the first color included in the price and then add .50 cents per color after that. We also have a price list for customers supplying their own shirts.


**A small logo on the pocket area of a shirt will use "small" screens and a full chest or back logo will use "large" screens.

**You need 1 screen for each color in your design.

**You would choose temporary screens if your order is for an event where you won't be needing more shirts in the future. If you have a business or you'll want more shirts printed in the future, then you would want to "keep" the screens.


Embroidery is great when you want a classy look for a polo shirt or a baseball cap. It's very durable and lasts as long as the garment with very minimal fading or wear. 

Costs involved with Embroidery are listed below.


•Digitizing charge - This is to set up your logo so it can be embroidered with thread. All logos are quoted on an individual basis and the cost depends on the detail in the design, amount of colors, and amount of stitches in final design. Many small logos for the pocket area on dress shirts or on hats can be $50.00-125.00. Please email us your logo to get a quote!

•Digitizing charge for basic text using stock fonts - $15.00 setup per design, maximum 3 lines of text.


•Embroidered logos are quoted on a per-job basis and usually add just a few dollars to the cost of the shirt.