Our Team

Our company is owned by Al Jr. and Al III (father & son).


Our staff consists of a small crew of professionals that have artistic vision and experience with screen printing and embroidery. We handle standard inks, water-based inks, discharge inks, glitter, embroidery, appliqué, and everything else you can imagine.

We don't have a sales pitch here. We tell you what's involved, how much it will cost, and we guide you through the process.

We take all major credit cards!

We're family owned and we've been creating custom shirts here for over 30 years! 


Most of our customers are small businesses like us and they need someone they can trust when it comes to creating imprinted apparel for their staff or customers. 

We create the artwork in-house, we screen print and embroider the apparel here, and we ship to customers all over New England.

If you have a difficult project that nobody else can do, then you'll probably end up here in the end because we know how to tackle any issues when it comes to custom hats, shirts, jackets, bags, mugs, and the list goes on.

over 30 years in business here in fitchburg!

Give us a call! 978-342-0093

76 Laurel Street Fitchburg MA 01420